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*The GUARANTEE only apply to replace any furniture item on your order if there is craftsmanship flaws. Such as (wrong size/color/material that isn’t the same as the advertising photo).

*The GUARANTEE does not apply to damage caused by the courier, such as (broken/damaged/scratched) because it is at the risk of the customer, and we are only assisting you in transporting the goods. If you’re in the same state, it’s a priority to pick you up.

*The GUARANTEE does not apply to damage caused by the customer such as misplaced, drop till parts broken or any other unexpected damage.

*THE GUARANTEE does not apply to orders delivered to East malaysia & Singapore 

 *THE GUARANTEE does not apply to orders purchased and stocked in Our warehouse for more than 3 months from the purchase date.


Note: PREORDER item(s) are not eligible for exchange & refund and returns.

Note: PREORDER item(s) ETA will be set on Home Header once PREORDER per batch is open.

Note: CUSTOM MADE item(s) are not eligible for exchange & refund and returns.

Note : Purchases for CUSTOM MADE item(s) can only be cancelled within 3 days of the purchase/deposit date. The item(s) are then non-cancelable and non-refundable.

Note : Please ensure your CUSTOM MADE order item have an exact measurement that meets your need before placing order. And also be noted , the differences of the measurement between references photo item & the CUSTOM MADE item you order will affect the final shape & form / outcome product.

For eg: References photo have 6 legs of sofa , you wanna make it 4 legs. / References photo 200cm length, but you want to custom 160cm length. This will affected the final outcome product form / stability.

Note: HOME DECOR & ACCESORIES are not eligible for exchange & refund and returns.


You may replace any furniture item in on your order if there is craftsmanship flaws. Such as (wrong size/color/material that isn’t the same as the advertising photo).

The item(s) must be in unused/as-new condition with the original packaging for all exchanges. You will be charged a MYR50 repackaging fee per item if you do not have the original packaging.

The item(s) you’re exchanging must be equal to or more than the value of your original item. If the replacement item is more expensive, we will charged the difference while we make arrangement for the exchange.

Our team will work with you to schedule a time for our transportation to pick up your exchange.

Our team will inspect the exchange item after it is returned to our warehouse. We will charge a damage fee just incase there is another damage done (not the craftsmanship flaws) but its happen on customer sides.


Before we deliver your item(s), our quality are inspects by our team, to ensure that it meets our standards, so defects are uncommon.

It’s also crucial things, that you need verify and inspect again your order once it arrives. Please do so within 24 hours after item received and notify us, you’ll be able to use our terms “Exchange For FREE”

If you are unhappy with the items after inspecting them, or if you believe we have delivered you the incorrect item, please notify our delivery partner immediately, or call our delivery team.

If you discover a defect (craftsmanship flaws) after the product has been delivered, please contact our delivery crew and, ideally, provide us a few images of the damage or other difficulties with the product within 24 hours.

Our team will be more than happy to assist you with a one-to-one exchange, repair, or any other solution that meets our guarantee.

What Are The Fees For Collecting Items?

We will not charge you for the exchange collection fee if exchange done under our terms (Exchange for FREE : craftmanship flaws)

You must pay the exchange collection fee if you just change your mind and desire to exchange item(s) after item received. And you must pay the exchange collection fee if  you decide your piece isn’t quite right to your need, and you want to exchange with our any ready stock item.

Exchange Collection Fee

Collection/Delivery ZoneCollection Fee (per item / per trip)
Standard Zone - (Johor)Collection fee capped at RM60(standard per item) if you want return more than 1 unit. Or RM100(standard+) per trip.
Outstation Zone A - (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor,Negeri Sembilan, Melaka)MYR 150 per trip
Outstation Zone B - (Pahang, Kedah, Terengganu, Perlis, Kelantan, Penang,Perak)MY 200 per trip
Outstation Zone C - (Tioman, Pangkor, Penang, Langkawi)MYR 250 per trip
*Repackaging Fee**MYR 50 per item*


Note: The date of collection/exchange is determined by the Booming Plus schedule. The collection/exchange date for the OUTSTATION zone is determined by the MONTHLY truck’s schedule. If you don’t have the original packaging for the return/exchange, you’ll be charged a repackaging fee. 

*Only applies to the item(s) that state in your purchase order process/invoice (NOT ELIGIBLE FOR CUSTOM MADE ORDER).

*Customers are recommended to inspect the condition of self-collection item(s) upon collection. If there is a manufacturing issue, customers must call the store and return the item(s) to the collection site for return/exchange.

For more information, please contact our delivery team or send an email to