Freedom to own your favourite Rattan!

0% interest instalments. Pay in 3-month

Freedom to own your favourite Rattan!

0% interest instalments. Pay in 3-month


We partnered with Pace so you can pay with 3 interest-free payments over 3 months.


First, download the apps and register your account.


Scan QR code on Checkout page using Pace apps and insert your total amount


Enjoy 3x payment with 0% interest for 3 month.


3-Month Instalment plans

Pay for your purchase in 3-interest free monthly installments

Download the Pace app

Financial freedom at your literal fingertips

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What is Pace?

Pace is gives you the breathing space to buy now; no regrets later. Add the items you want to your shopping cart & select 'Pace' when checking out. Your purchases become instalments & are charged to you automatically.

How do I use Pace to make payment?

Select Pace payment on Checkout page. After that, you need to scan QR code by using 
'Pace Apps'. Then Insert the total amount and done.

Any fees/interest when you make payment with PACE?

PACE is free to use and there are no interests charged for your instalments.

What if I miss a payment?

If the payment is not received by the due date, an initial late payment of RM10 will be levied, and a further RM1 per day if the payment remains unpaid after the due date. For each transaction of RM40 or above, the late fees of each instalment payment may be applied, capped at 25% of the original transaction value or RM60, whichever is less.



What's the most I can spend with Pace?

The most you can spend with Pace (the Pace Buy Limit) will vary for different users based on their profile.


Our system takes into account several factors when allocating a Buy Limit.
You can view your current Buy Limit from your Pace app.

If you would like to purchase above your current buy limit, you can complete the transaction by paying the difference upfront.


Here's how it works:

Making purchases above your Pace Buy Limit

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