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Extra Big Natural Rattan Hanging Chair

This circular rattan swing chair offers a modern look to a traditional piece. A unique design that pairs well with mid-century modern and even a…

Reen Rattan Swing Chair

Features Comes with vertical carving on the back Cushions are not provided as a base for sitting Hook/rope are provided   Materials Fully made from…

Bolat Rattan Swing Chair (new version)

A giant size rattan cradle made of rattan is ideal for indoors or outdoors. This rattan swing can carry up to 200kg…

Bolat Rattan Hanging Chair

Cane furniture which is also known as Rattan furniture or wicker furniture is basically made of the stems of the rattan plant. Cane is the…

Rizon Rattan Hanging Chair

Our Rizon rattan hanging chair is a dreamy elongated chair that gives off an elegant shape. Handmade rattan is bent by hand to give off…
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